I was fortunate to collaborate with great Architects on this project. I created Includes custom transitions, animations, and infographics.Thanks to the Bennion Center and the opportunity to do meaningful work .I had the great honor of being given the opportunity to create thematic maps forI have had great opportunities to research Cities and Neighborhoods, identify deI loved working on this project because it gave me an excuse to blend so many inI was again very lucky in life and worked on the IAMOAKLANDISH campaign, a tribuThis was an amazing experience as an introduction to Urban Design. Here I was inI created ads, brochures, e-mails, flyers, and more for Bay Area Green Tours andI directed the visual identity for Young Living Essential Oils’ Grand ConventionSingStar was originally branded in the UK by SCEE. I created the look-and-feel tGraphic Design InternAmerica the Beautiful (Art Book excerpt)Data TechnicianReact
2016/8 - 2016/11 | Free Code Camp